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Naturally Annoying, Sarcastic, and Rambling

Welcome to Inside My Brain where I word vomit all my thoughts on the mundane and unimportant.  

I may not be your cup of tea...

I'm more like a scalding hot triple espresso.

WARNING: Will include a LOT of Philly sports rants and other stuff no one cares about.

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Superbowl LIV: Reid vs. Shanahan

Isn’t that what this game really is? Mahomes vs. Garoppolo? Nah. Good D vs great D? Hell I’d watch that 😉. But the real interesting...

Ouch! WILDcard Weekend

My left knee is pinchy when I squat. WAHHHH 😫. Good thing I don't have to get hit by a 300 lb man in full pads and a helmet trying...

Fantasy Football Finals - HELP ME

Saturday football is back and it's glorious. Why we didn't have one Saturday game LAST week is mind blowing to me. I digress. The real...

🦃 Thankful

Thanksgiving foods and how to win money Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 lovelies! Have a glorious thankful weekend. This is an amazing time to...

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