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Making It Rain - Gambling my $$$ away

Here is what I’m blowing my dollars on this weekend. People say gambling is like throwing your money away. They also say that about the lottery. The odds are good that you'll be paying the house. But at least with gambling there’s a little bit of entertainment and potentially higher odds for a pay off. So I look at it as paying for an entertainment service (a legal one😏). So here’s what I’m throwing my $$ away on this weekend.

BET 1: PSU-OSU Under at 57.5

I typically don’t bet on my teams but I’m going full homer this weekend betting on the PSU-OSU GAME and 2 Georgia games. The one time I bet on the Eagles was in this little game called the Super Bowl a couple years ago. I thought we had no chance and when I put my money on it I fully expected to lose. Was hoping my bet would help somehow. I’d like to think I fully influenced that outcome 💁🏻‍♀️. l feel the same way about Penn State this weekend.

If the defense that we had most of the season shows up and we don’t turn the ball over and stay focused on offense I do think we’ve got a chance. The Ohio State - Penn State games usually come down to a score or two. These teams play each other tough but Ohio State is scary this year. Either way I don’t think PSU will score a lot and I don’t think we’ll let Ohio State run up the score like they have every other game this year 😂 . So I took the under 57.5. Usually I play the odds but emotionally betting on my team means I go with my not-so-reliable gut.

Bet 2: Against GA -13

Next homer-ish bet - I’m betting against Georgia at -13. Texas A&M is a sneaky good team and their only losses have come to highly ranked really good teams. Probably one of the toughest schedules in all of college football this year. And last weekend Georgia looked a little sloppy and obviously they’re beatable. I think they’re going to win this game but only by one score.


And finally give me an NFL bet. I’m betting the over on Tampa Bay Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta’s offense is going to put up over 30 points on Tampa Bay for sure. And even though the Falcons defense has come around lately I think they’re going to get surprised by Tampa Bay at the Benz. So I’m taking the over at 51. Wow that’s a big over- just like I like it. 😳

What are some things you’re betting on this weekend? And let me know which site you guys like to use for your weekly tossing away of your own dollars.

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