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Championship Weekend: I know nothing about football 🏈

I've been so wrong on the games in the playoffs.

I expected the season-long-dominant Ravens and MVP QB to win. I thought Kirk Cousins and the Vikings running game could perform well two weeks in a row. I thought Jimmy G would make mistakes. What was I thinking?

This is another reason I love football. What you see one week can change the next, historical stats do not predict the future, and these are real people that can show up one week and not the next.

Well, except Derrick Henry. I think he's either the Fox Sports robot or a test robot for the government. Not the US government. A better, more technology focused government. Maybe the Chinese.

I'll still take a stab at this weekend's games even though I would just like to use this emoji for the first one. These are actually both rematches from the regular season so we'll see who learned their lessons and who wins 'most improved' award 🏆.

And away we go.....

Titans @ Chiefs - ARROWHEAD!

Who would've thunk we'd be watching the Titans - who spanked the Ravens - playing in the title championship game? Against the Chiefs who just put up over 50 pts when they started down over 20???? What a wild weekend last weekend! I can't wait for this game. Will Mahomes play like last week? Will Andy Reid get back to the superbowl and win it this time? Will Derrick Henry ever stop running over people? Will Ryan Tannehill get a title? I have no idea. I don't even know how to do analysis on this one 🤔 .

I'm pulling for Andy Reid to get it right this time. I'm sure they will have a game plan for Henry and their run defense has improved throughout the season. Ryan Tannehill has been consistently good (and tough) and when they are targeting Brown (which they haven't had to lately) he's been accurate and getting yards. Chiefs secondary is not too shabby though. We also can't forget about the Chiefs run game now that Andy remembered he had Damien Williams (the 3 things in life that are certain - death, taxes, and Andy Reid sits a productive RB all of a sudden mid-late season). I ultimately think the Mahomes will put up more points with his Chiefs than the Tannehill's Titans will.

I don't like betting against Vrabel, though. He is fun to watch out there and I love the underdog and anyone who's embarrassed the Patriots.

I'm not betting on this one but odds are KC -7.5, O/U 53... I would take the over if I had any clue. However is Chris Jones is in I feel better about KC -7.5.

My pulled-out-of-the-air score prediction: KC wins 31-27

Green Bay @ San Francisco

49ers STOMPED the Packers last time these two met. Kittle, the freight train 🚊 , had a 129 yard game. I don't ever like counting Aaron Rodgers out but like I wrote last week - I just don't think the Packers are the very good this year. Don't get me wrong they have some superstars - Rodgers, Adams, and Jones - but the list ends there and there aren't really many big play guys behind them.

Don't those 3 sound like a law firm? "Welcome to the Law Firm of Rodgers, Adams, and Jones where we will help you find the right official to make the calls YOUR TEAM NEEDS" 😉. I digress. Where was I?

Oh big playmakers. The 49ers actually have more playmakers. I can't believe I'm typing that. But they do. Jimmy G is good but I'm talking about his supporting cast of Kittle, Mostart, Brieda, Coleman (last week he was lights out), Sanders, and Samuel. Any one of these guys or several could have a big game. When this buffet of choices exist for the 49ers offense, it's hard for a mediocre Green Bay defense to cover well against all of them perfectly every play. I still think Aaron Rodgers is great (and better than Jimmy G) and can make big plays but I don't think he has enough weapons around him.

This one is easy and where my money is going.

I'm taking 49ers -7.5. O/U is 46. I think it will be over but my money is going on the spread.

My score prediction: 49ers win 38-17.

Who ya got in these games?

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