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Superbowl LIV: Reid vs. Shanahan

Isn’t that what this game really is? Mahomes vs. Garoppolo? Nah. Good D vs great D? Hell I’d watch that 😉. But the real interesting narrative is Andy Reid vs. Kyle Shanahan. This game is going to come down to game management and adjustments. ‘Chess match’ is a term people like to throw around when it comes to football games. Sometimes it looks like checkers in the NFL but this one - with these coaches - is primed for a chess match. Not this kind though... maybe after or at the parties...

Shanahan does not want to be embarrassed again, ON THIS STAGE, after the biggest choke of his life. Reid’s historic clock mismanagement hopefully taught him a very tough lesson, ON THIS STAGE. How crazy is it that both of these huge mistakes came in the biggest games of their lives at the hands of Bill Belichick? I think we can anoint Billy B the Bobby Fischer of the NFL. Shanahan and Reid are arguably two of the best minds in the NFL and I’d like to think they learn from their mistakes and can apply those lessons going forward. THAT will be the story I’ll be looking for in this game.

I’m pulling for Andy but I am not going to be sad to see Kyle win after the huge turnaround he’s had with this team.

I'm also looking forward to see how they honor Kobe during the game. After all the pictures and stories he seemed to deeply touch the lives of NFL players and was quite bright when it came to the football (ya know, Eagles fan and all).

Short Chiefs Take

Offensively the Chiefs have one of (if not the best) weapon in the NFL in Patrick Mahomes who should be the story the next day if they win. He has the ability to outplay whatever the really outstanding 49ers defense has in store for him on some plays, especially when he gets out of the pocket. Hopefully he’ll be doing this WITH Andy Reid not in spite of. He has Tyreek-the-fast-freak, Travis Kelce (gosh I adore those Kelces), and host of other capable weapons. As they’ve shown for the last few weeks they can still run the ball well now that they remembered they have Damien Williams. I’d love to see Shady get some yards in this game then come home to retire in Philly.

Chiefs defense has been letting some big plays fly but they are quite capable of applying a lot of pressure, even with the stout 49ers front 4, and Jimmy G is no Mahomes. They should be able to force some mistakes. Also, being able to watch Chris Jones and Honeybadger play is a delight. KCs defense has improved tremendously the back half of this season and they should be ready after the bye week to take on this 49ers offense. Don’t get me wrong, 49ers have too many weapons to try to contain them but they should be able to minimize the run damage (unlike GB last game) and interrupt some pass plays.

"Honeybadger doesn't give a shit, it takes what it wants"... if you have not seen this video, you have to watch

Quick 49ers Take

Jimmy G and the offense will have to make some passing plays in this game to keep up with KC and they should be capable. They shouldn’t be able to run up 7000 yds this week so we’ll see what JG’s really got. This crap of Jimmy G not really doing much in the last few games is a tired narrative. He hasn't had to! But when he's had to he has shown the ability to make the plays downfield to both Deebo and Sanders and he has a MONSTER tight end. They also use their fullback more effectively than anyone else in the NFL. And then there's Mohstart (vs. GB, ‘nuff said). And they have 2 OTHER good backs. 49ers are full of really good offensive weapons. They will put up points. I just don’t think it will be as many as the Chiefs. I do think Kittle has the BEST game of his life.

San Francisco’s defense is fantastic. They are going to pressure Mahomes and historically in the Superbowl the team with the better defense wins. What's the saying 'offense wins games, defense wins championships'. If this is true 49ers should be a lock. Dee Ford, Richard Sherman = defensive elite. I will be on the lookout though for Sherman to potentially struggle on some downfield plays against Tyreek’s jaguar-like speed.

Neither one of these teams wants to play from behind. That could be the kiss of death for either.

Score Prediction:

28-24 Kansas City Wins!

MY BET: I’m taking the under at 55.5. Believe it or not, I think the defenses will contain these two stout offenses more than they’ve seen the last few weeks.


Let’s do some fun prop bets. Some I do every year and some are just silly and I love them.

Comment below with your answers or send me your answers. Here are mine:

Coin Toss: Heads or Tails

My pick: HEADS, always.

Who will score the first touchdown in the game: Kittle, Kelce, Hill, Mohstart, Samuel, none of these

My pick and hope: Kittle, I need to see how hard this dude celebrates a TD in the big game

Will any player have exactly 69 yards: Yes/No

My pick: No but I wish (oh Gronk)

How many times will Chess Match be said during the game: under 3/over 3

My pick: OVER 3

Which company airs the first commercial after the coin toss: Budweiser/Bud Light/Coke/Skittles/Mr. Peanut/Please anyone else

My pick: I hope it’s this Mr. Peanut commercial, finally

Who will show more cleavage during halftime show: Shakira/J Lo/Andy Reid/none

My pick: none, I think all the focus will be on the booty, as it should be

How many times will Donald Trump tweet on February 2nd: Over under 12

My pick: under 12… this is a crazy line even for a crazy guy

Will Kiara Mia IG or tweet about Jimmy G during the game: Yes/No

My pick: Yes… I can’t wait. My notifications for her are ON!

Who will the MVP thank first: God, Coach, Team, Family, Himself, His Dog

My pick: God

This should be a great game. Have a fun time watching, eat all the wings, and stay safe! Remember you gotta work the next day (stupid Superbowl still being on a Sunday)

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