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Fantasy Football Finals - HELP ME

Saturday football is back and it's glorious. Why we didn't have one Saturday game LAST week is mind blowing to me. I digress. The real reason here is I can't make a decision on this Friday night heading into Saturday football.

I beg of you on this kickoff to holiday week... I need help with one of my fantasy leagues championship game! This is the one I care about most for some reason. It’s a money league but it’s my first year, I drafted on the turn (so obviously no home-run superstars), and the guys in this league are serious about managing their teams.

I don’t want to play a banged-up Edelman who couldn't produce against the Bengals. I loved having him on my team, he’s gotten me here buuuuut…. he’s against the Bills who he had his worst game against (before last week). With the playoffs on the line, I’m sure he’ll get a lot of targets and could maybe possibly (unlikely) have a blow up game this weekend. I think we’ll see the 2019 NE offense this week not the come-back-team of the past against a good Bills defense (More on this in the gambling section).

So the question is…. which high risk bench player do I play instead?

· Mike Boone, Vikings RB - Do I take a flyer on Boone who may be behind a banged-up RB against the sloppy, overrated Green Bay Packers?

· Deebo Samuel, 49ers WR – Should I hope he (and Jimmy G) rebound after last week's dud at Atlanta when they head home against the Rams up and down defense?

· Greg Ward, Eagles WR(their only one?) - Huge risk with newbie Greg Ward who’s shown he can go after the ball and run routes without running into his TE and is 1 of like 3 people who can catch the ball on the whole offense?

AHHH so much pressure! PLEASE SEND HELP!

Holiday Gambling 🎄 🎰

I will be donating all my winnings (and if I lose will donate whatever I did bet) to a family for the holidays and the food bank. So let’s hope I win so they get much more 💵 .

Not touching Cowboys/Eagles this week. Gross line, gross game, two gross teams. But Fly Eagles Fly this Sunday afternoon! 🦅


Buffalo +6.5

Talk about going off history. NE has been able to recover and figure it out in the past but what evidence - based on current performance - says they are going to figure it out this year? I get it, the headline alone makes it enticing to think the Pats will beat Buffalo by 2 scores. Josh Allen, a rookie RB, and the Bills going into Boston to play the daunting New England Patriots. Let me rephrase that – the ONCE daunting NE Patriots. As long as the Bills don’t hurt themselves with turnovers (11th in the league – obviously not the worst) they should have NO problem covering this spread. They almost beat the Pats in the beginning of the year when they didn’t look half as good as they do now. But it is the Patriots. Also but, it’s the Patriots of 2019, which do not look like the Patriots of the last decade.


Arizona Cardinals COVERING 9.5 pts AT Seattle

Yes, you read that right. I understand Seattle is a tough stadium to play in. I understand Russell Wilson has made this ‘his’ team and SPANKED the Cards earlier in the season. Arizona has been on the upswing and Seattle finds a way to win tough games but it's always ugly. I think Seattle wins but I think it’s by a touchdown.


LSU to win it all at +130.

Yes, LSU should beat Oklahoma. But the odds on that game aren’t as good as betting on them to win out. Which I’m doing. LSU looks like the best team. And whether they get Ohio State or Clemson, I’m putting my money on this culture, coach, and Heisman winner. Especially after that speech, those faces and the Barstool Podcast featuring Joe Burrow. He’s a special kid and they have something amazing going on in the bayou that you just can’t replicate.

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