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🦃 Thankful

Thanksgiving foods and how to win money

Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 lovelies!

Have a glorious thankful weekend. This is an amazing time to take a few moments and reflect on all the things we are thankful for.

Take a few minutes by yourself to count your blessings. Don’t forget to include the hard times, the challengers and the challenges, and anything else that’s made you who you are today!

I am thankful for everyone in my life, all animals especially dogs and my Bella, and all the changes.

Enough of that sappy stuff.

I won’t be eating Thanksgiving dinner today because I am coaching the gym’s Thanksgiving workout, watching football, and going to a (hopefully) amazing divisional matchup between the Saints and the Falcons! But I will be sure to grab myself some leftovers at WF because it’s my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner :-)

Speaking of favorite Thanksgiving food what are your top three if you could ONLY have 3? I’ll give you some time to think about it. Don’t let my answers influence you though!

1. Turkey 🦃. It’s the MVP of the day when it’s right and it’s Mitch Trubisky when it’s wrong. So much hope and promise but it can be a total letdown. If it’s cooked with lots of butter and the dark meat falls off the bone it can be a gift from the gods.

2. My personal sausage stuffing. There’s no bread - which I know all of you traditionalists are going to burn me at the stake for. But when you’re still able to watch football and fit alcohol 🍷 in your stomach an hour after dinner you can thank me then. It tastes just like Thanksgiving without the six month old food baby. And veggies are in it - so 2 birds, 1 meaty stone.

3. Shannon’s cranberry salad. I hear ya. But my friend Shannon made this cranberry salad with 🍊oranges/cranberries and some other shit that was ahhhh-mazing.Others receiving votes - really thick and good mashed potatoes with gravy 🤤/pumpkin pie 🥧

Others receiving votes - really thick and good mashed potatoes with gravy 🤤/pumpkin pie 🥧

So what’s yours?

Also - want to win some money????


Here’s one locked and loaded guaranteed bet for this weekend: Jets/Bengals over at 31. Two mediocre defenses against two hot (for them) offenses. Tyler Boyd/Red Rocket and partying/hookup Sam Darnold (as long as he doesn’t have mono again!). I’ll take this over and my $$$ Vegas.

More bets to come later!

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